Beautiful email!

Use Angkor to format your standard Joomla emails for user registration, activation, lost passwords, and contact requests.


Use Angkor to create valid HTML/CSS for fonts, borders, logos and other images.


No subscription required!


1 Feb 2013. Version 2.5.10.
- core hacks removed; now using pattern matching instead
- builtin CSS editor with syntax colouring
- embedded (as opposed to linked) images now possible
- ajax backend user interface
- backend user admin interface with top notch design
- pluggable now, with its own plugins. Plugins coming soon for Virtuemart, AlphaRegistration, ...


Rate Angkor at the Joomla Extension Directory! Should you run into an issue while installing or using Angkor, contact us for support.

New versions and updates

Users are entitled to free updates, bug fixes, support, and planned improvements for the Joomla version of Angkor that they have downloaded or purchased.

Angkor will remain supported for each Joomla version for as long as the Joomla version itself remains supported.


Angkor runs everywhere where Joomla runs, including Windows.

Angkor supports multilingual sites and RTL languages out of the box.

Angkor can format standard Joomla email. Angkor can format email from external extensions for which there is a plugin available for Angkor. Angkor cannot be used to format emails for external extensions such as JomSocial, or Community Builder, for which there is currently no plugin for Angkor available.

For CSS features typically supported by email programs, the following overview.